1. The first 3 users who reach 100 posts on the forums will receive 10,000 free blood money!

Hey guys, I hope you're all having a good week so far. This post is to introduce to you the official referral event. In light of the official release of HDPvP, I have decided to throw an event to grow the community, and give back to you guys as well.

All you need to do to be part of this event is refer people to the community. You can do this by email, Skype, posting your referral link in our advertisement threads, or literally anywhere that'll allow it.

How to create your referral link
To make your referral link, simply add your username at the end of this URL:
So for me it would be http://hdpvp.com/forums/invite/redirect?referrer=tyluur.
If you have any questions about making your referral link feel free to ask.

This referral event will be over on January 1st. I hope everyone participates and we can get the community growing as soon as possible.


  1. 100,000 Wilderness Tokens + Elite Donator
  2. 50,00 Wilderness Tokens + Supreme Donator Rank
  3. Supreme Donator Rank + 10,000 Tokens
  4. 5,000 Tokens + Donator Rank
  5. 5x Mystery Box + Donator Rank