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    So whats the plan for HDPvP?

    By Tyluur,
    Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a good week, mines been pretty busy so far.   In the last few hours, me and @Raw Envy have been talking about where we are going to be taking HDPvP as a server, the mark we want to have on the current RSPS community, and how we can best guarantee the server's success. We were discussing the things that we recognized needed improvements, the best way to manage the staff team, and how to share responsibilities equally so nobody is over-burdened. I can say that we're now at a better position to lead the community of HDPvP than we were at the start, because of the well-needed discussions we've had.  Besides that, the future for HDPvP is looking bright! We've received tons of feedback from the players. We know what you guys want, and we have the means to bring it to you guys. The plan that we've designed so far includes the following: A todo list of 100+ server/client updates that will be pushed out at the exact same time. Increasing communication between staff members. A well-plotted advertisement scheme that will push out our name once all the important updates are done. An economic shift to make new players feel more welcome. This being said, there will be no updates applied onto the game server until the beginning of March (official date to be announced). There will be some development blogs to show you guys the progress I'm making during this time though. This is mainly because we want to make the most out of the money we've received from donations. If we advertise the server in the state it is, it won't be the most enjoyable for you guys. I hope I've captured a loyal community in the few weeks that HDPvP has been up.  The most important thing during this time is patience and donations. Everything is going towards the advertisement budget! Nobody is pocketing any profits, we want to make HDPvP a success. Thanks for your patience and time everyone, this wouldn't be possible without you guys.

    Wilderness Rules

    By Tyluur,
    Wilderness Risk Fighting If you have agreed to a risk fight with somebody and after death you don't have the items that were agreed to, you are to either give them the items or be punished by a permanent ban. Ragging Ragging is allowed everywhere except edgeville 1v1 wilderness.  Punishments: First Time Offender: 24 Hour Jail Second Time Offender: 24 Hour Ban Third Time Offender: Permanent Mac Ban

    Play HDPvP

    By Tyluur,
    Auto-Updating Launcher (Recommended) The auto-updating launcher will make sure your client is the most up-to-date version every time you play. This is the most recommended way to start the game! Click here to download.   Auto-Updating Launcher Package The auto-updating launcher includes some files that help incase you run into any errors with the client. This is the second best way to play. Click here to download.     Standalone Client If the auto-updating launcher for some reason doesn't work for you, you can always play directly with the standalone client. This is the least recommended way to play. Click here to download.

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